Monday, 12 December 2011

Hackers Serve Notice Of An Interesting Year To Come

To paraphrase Douglas Admas' mega computer, "Deep Thought", I speak not of the attacks that have happened in 2011 but of those that are to come.  2011 has been dubbed by many in the press as "the year of the hacker".  I think they may be mistaking the calm before the storm.  One has only to read the various Tweets and Blogs by those involved in the hacking to realise that, if anything, they feel emboldened.  I don't mean those involved in cybercrime or cyber warfare, but the hacktivists.

The hacktivists such as TeamPoison, Anonymous and LulzSec have found that hacking can be a very effective means of making a political statement.  In times of increasing economic peril, widening gaps between rich and poor, and behaviours by some that appears to be worse than Gordon Gekko, its not surprising that those identified as the cause of the problem are subject to attack.

Whilst many involved in cyber security are seeking to secure systems that could lead to financial loss or interruption of critical infrastructure, I can't help but wonder if those in the sights of the hacktivists have taken the necessary precautions.  I suspect their focus may be elsewhere.  But, when it comes they can't say they weren't warned. And I don't mean by folk like me. The hacktivists themselves have quite blatantly set out their intentions - see below - ignore it at your peril (DO NOT WATCH THIS IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED):