Thursday, 8 December 2011

Capturing The Imagination

Sometimes there are things that you run across, completely outside your field of expertise, that simply capture your imagination.  Recently I became interested in computer generated animation that helps visualise music.  We have all seen the nice graphics that you can display when playing msuic in, for example, Microsoft's Media Player.  But, I wondered, was there something more synchronised with the music; a bit more connected.
My hopes were raised when I came across the folks at The Music Animation Machine.  Some of their animations were really entertaining and they certainly fulfilled my criterion for synchornisation with the music:

The animation is quite beautiful, even allowing for the fact that Beethoven contributed to a little to the whole experience.  There are many videos already produced, and you can even downlaod tools to make your own.  The slight draw back is that the music has to be in MIDI format.

However, what I next stumbled upon was the work of the people at Animusic.  If anyone tells you that computers are boring, or that they prevent the youngsters of today from being creative, then just watch a few of their videos.  Their work is just superb.  My personal favourite is one of their earlier works: Pipe Dream. 

I never cease to be amazed at what you can do with computer technology.........and a bit of imagination.