Monday, 28 November 2011

Analysis Emerges About Government Cyber Strategy

It's fascinating to watch the various interpretation that have emerged over the weekend following the release on Friday of the UK Government Cyber Strategy.  Some do appear to have come up with some quite extreme interpretations such as that from ZNet ( who read from the document that the UK was about to go on the offensive with attacks such as the Stuxnet attack of 2010 through clandestine means.  However, as if to salve their own journalistic conscience they did add that it had been worded "vaguely".  Quite.

Of more interest are those that have picked up on the fact that the MoD will be involved in developing capability alongside GCHQ.  British Forces Broadcasting Service of all people gave a succinct interpretation which I thought was really rather good, although a tiny bit of irony perhaps in having to admit that they had lost quite so much data: